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7 Ways to Use Email Marketing For Inbound Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has been one of the most effective forms of creating leads. According to stats shared by Statistica, there will be a whopping 4 billion active email users in 2023, and if that’s not enough, the stats for active email users will climb by 0.6 billion in the next two years. 

In fact, for every $1 spent on e-mail marketing, there is a $36 ROI in revenue, taking the overall revenue for marketing to $11 billion. If THAT doesn’t convince you about email marketing strategy, I don’t know what will!

For those who said a big yes reading those ROIs, there may be some foolproof ways to fuel your overall inbound strategy through email marketing. 

An email marketing campaign is set to save you a lot more than conventional marketing with nontargeted audiences. Moreover, it is personally going to land with each of your customers, allowing a more personalized brand journey.

But hold up!

For those who are still confused about what it means to create an inbound email marketing strategy, let me help you start with the basics. 

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What is Inbound Strategy and Why Should You Care about Email Marketing? 

An inbound strategy is a way to interact with your audience using different forms of content.

It helps brands inspire long-term relationships with their target audience and keep them returning for their products for a long time. 

Email marketing helps companies keep in touch with their companies by popping up now and then.

Why Should You Care about Email Marketing

From discounts, seasonal sales, and new launches, email marketing is a softer sell that keeps your audiences engaged.  

Now, for businesses that want to give email marketing a chance to fuel their overall inbound strategy, here is how to get started. 

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7 Tips for Email Marketing in Your Inbound Strategy

Before you jump into email marketing, you should create a good library of all other marketing avenues, such as social media marketing, blogs, and SEO strategies. 

7 Tips for Email Marketing in Your Inbound Strategy

Having dabbled enough in quality content is the key to any sort of formatting. But more on that some other time. 

Let’s see how email marketing can help your marketing strategy. 

1- Know your Email Audience 

Segmenting your list of the first strategy. Choosing and categorizing your subscribers based on behavior metrics can help you create targeted groups.

Know your Email Audience - Email Marketing

For example, if you are a service-based business, look at demographics, alert trends, locality, and age groups that best resonate with your brand.

Emails are the leading way for users looking for vouchers, coupons, and freebies from different brands.

When sending emails, you can segment contacts by their buyer personas. This helps to ensure you deliver the email to the right person. 

Quick TipAlways create buyer personas for every product, and try to mold your content accordingly.

2- Start with Good Personalized Content

One of the best benefits of email marketing that can boost your inbound strategy is leveraging your already published content into something your audience can remember.

Start Email Marketing with Good Personalized Content

Tailoring your email content with your user’s pain points will help polish your subscriber groups.

Quick tipALways use nice visuals, infographics, and high-quality images in your emails. A little visual doesn’t harm anyone. 

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3- Work on That Subject Line!

People are still into catchy subject lines, and so should you. Using relevant and catchy subject lines is the first step in piquing the curiosity and interest of your audience.

Write catchy Email Subject Line

Once they like the subject line of your email, they will remember your brand name and what you have to say. 

4- Email Timing Matters 

Optimizing your email times can save you a lot of hassle. Make sure you have the right user behavior time frames.

Why is timing important in email marketing

For example, knowing click-through rates can help determine when to send emails. 

5- Continuously Analyze Performance

Track email marketing metrics on a daily or weekly basis. Getting a hold on important metrics such as CTRs, studying CTA conversions, open rates, etc, can help refine your growth marketing and brand strategy. 

Why is it a good practice to consistently track and analyze email metrics

6- Keep your Customers Loyal

Instead of attracting new audiences and customers, ensure you are on the best terms with your existing clients; email marketing does the trick. 

Keep your Customers Loyal - Secret to Email Campaign Success

One of the top secret sauces for many successful email campaigns is constantly reaching out to existing clients by appreciating their loyalty. 

Some powerful ways of customer engagement through emails can be; 

  • Offering special discounts and exclusive promotions. You can go ahead and even add a voucher for returning customers, 
  • Allow some exclusive content to leak out (intentionally) to your local customers 
  • Share some success stories and testimonials. Using your weekly email newsletter can do the trick for you 
  • Constantly ask for your feedback. You don’t have to be stingy or shy regarding feedback; be persistent if you have to. 
  • Celebrate customer anniversaries. Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage your customers. 

7- Keeping Testing Different Approaches 

Like I said, scrub and sort your email according to your target audience. Experimenting with your buyer persons, email content, and catchy subject lines can help yield more results. 

Keeping Testing Different email marketing Approaches

And experimenting with emails continues beyond there. 

Rekindling with old customers, or those who abandon carts, or turning your subscribers into successful leads, there is a lot you can experiment with your emails in inbound marketing. 

What are the best tools for email marketing for small businesses?

When looking for email marketing tools, you must look for ones that offer a wide range of features, templates, and built-in tools for analysis.

Some of the best tools for email marketing are Hubspot, MailChimp, and GetRespon.

Wrapping it Up! 

Don’t sleep on the importance of email marketing. Email Marketing can boost your business if you go all in it. With the ways mentioned above, you can get your leads quickly! 

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