Case Study:

eCommerce Store


Our client sells pet accessories through their eCommerce store.

However, following a rebrand & relaunch, they were beginning from zero in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) when they came to work with us.

Before working with our team, they were previously only ranking for fewer than 100 keywords, while failing to rank for most terms that were critical to their online business. On top of this problem, the client was only receiving around 50 organic sessions per month.


We discovered several issues during our research.

A comprehensive examination of our client’s website revealed a number of flaws that were affecting their search engine rankings. Among them were:

  • Outdated and lacking in current best practices, requiring a revamped approach to on-site SEO.
  • Backlinks, which in this space contribute to a large percentage of SEO performance, were mostly ignored by the website owners.
  • Due to previous poor results with SEO, the client had been unwilling to invest further money on it.
  • Extensive keyword research was required in order to improve product list optimization
  • In this case study we’ll go through a number of additional minor issues we resolved during the website refresh.

Our Solution:

First, we analyzed their long-term potential and authorized a 12-month marketing strategy. The next step was to use these keywords on their product  page in accordance with SEO best practice in order to improve visibility in search results. Our research led us to discover the most effective terms to use to promote the following aspects of their business:

Keywords and Content

A list of important keywords with current rankings before we started working on the site’s content. By using keywords that had a reasonable amount of competition and were often searched for by prospective buyers who were most likely to be interested in what our client was offering, an approach that allowed our client to go up in SERP rankings.

We came up with a few additional keyword suggestions after looking at some of our client’s largest rivals.

Our client’s website visitors would be more likely to remain interested in their website if we had a list of relevant keywords to include in the blog posts and other material. Using the most effective keywords we could find, we got to work creating engaging and educational blog posts for the website.

Google would eventually rank our client higher as a result of its website’s interesting content and the fact that people were actively searching for it.

Off-page SEO

The term “off-page SEO” refers to methods used to boost a website’s search engine rankings that do not take place on the website itself. We discovered that our client’s website had space for improvement in terms of backlinking, and we set out to fix it.

Building Links to Client’s Site

When other well-known websites and online resources connect to your website, you have built a backlink. They contribute to increasing the domain authority score of a website.

Prior to implementing a new SEO digital marketing plan, we noticed previous backlinks to our client’s website, but there was still plenty of potential for improvement here.

In order to boost our client’s website’s domain authority score, we performed the following actions.

  • Backlinks were put on authoritative websites for our client’s website by us.
  • In addition, we built hyperlinks pointing to different product pages on the website and to sites that featured keywords that were currently ranking between positions seven and twenty in Google’s search results.
  • Guest pieces were published as a result of our collaboration with relevant, specialty websites.
  • In order to better serve our client, we also built new product pages on the websites.

It was only after employing these new tactics that we began to see real progress…


In only a few short months, we observed a tremendous increase in organic search traffic without the need for any advertising.

Within the first three months, we observed incredible results in terms of search engine optimization: going from the initial 50 organic sessions per month to 600. An astounding 1100% increase, done practically overnight from the perspective of SEO.

As we neared the end of our 12-month SEO campaign, we witnessed an even greater rise in organic traffic. Our dramatic improvements with off-page SEO, coupled with comprehensive content strategy, took their listings from the deep jungles of the search results to the top of page one. By the end of the year, our client witnessed a 24,900% rise in unique visits.


Their organic traffic rose more than 200x since beginning the new strategy with Search Miners, and allowed the company to outperform competitors in search.

Not only did our refinements improve SEO during the one-year strategy, but traffic kept rising even after it was over.

With product listing optimizations, dozens of other website tweaks and improvements, and link-building, our client developed an online presence that matched the professionalism and energy of many successful physical stores.

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