Dental Practice SEO Case Study

Key Results

This Dentist received a large increase in SEO metrics such as keyword rankings and traffic, but a huge increase in leads and New Patients!

Organic Traffic
Monthly Sessions
New Patient Signups
Monthly Phone Calls
Map Pack Rankings (Top 3)
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Our client is a dental practice located in a small town in the Midwest.

The practice has been operating for over 20 years, and while it had a loyal patient base, it struggled to attract new patients. So they approached our team at Search Miners to increase online visibility to attract more patients.


Limited Online Visibility

Despite having a website, the client needed more organic traffic from search engines. This was due to poor search engine optimization (SEO) practices. As a result, the website could have been optimized better to see different results.

Ineffective Lead Generation

The client’s website needed to generate more leads for their sales team to follow up on. In addition, the website lacked clear calls to action and lead magnets. As a result, there needed to be more visibility for their company.

Limited Online Reputation

The client needed reviews on their Google My Business page and a limited online presence. As such, it is difficult for them to have widespread attention for their business, thus, prompting the need for Search Miners to create an optimal solution to their challenge.


They RECEIVED a 1,000% increase in phone calls


As a result of our efforts, we saw a significant change in the client’s efforts. We were surprised with the results but knew our strategies had led to this growth. Due to the help of Search Miners, our client saw significant results from our strategies:

Increase in New Patient Signups

Increased Organic Traffic

Within three months of implementing our SEO strategy, the client’s organic traffic increased by over 200%.

Increased Lead Generation

The lead generation strategy we implemented resulted in a 100% increase in new patients generated from the website and our SEO efforts

Improved Online Reputation

The client’s Google My Business page went from having no reviews to having a 4.5-star rating with dozens of positive reviews.