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SearchMiners is more than an agency that looks after your business success requirements and treats your business as its own. This is the sole reason that more than 95% keep our services retained and receive phenomenal results each month. 

The Do's and Don'ts of SEO: Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

What are Managed SEO Campaigns?

Search Miners offers managed SEO campaigns that level your business with our highest quality SEO services and tailored, bespoke SEO approach. Every SEO campaign begins with a thorough analysis of your specific business goals, target audience, business niche, and market competition.

Moreover, we structure a successful SEO strategy tailored to your business goals. SEO Managed campaigns include analysis of competitors, keyword research, optimization of on-page content, link building off-site, technical SEO, and reporting to help you monitor your progress. 

Our robust team specializes in the best SEO services, including local SEO, technical SEO, authority building, content management, and overall increasing your web presence in Las Vegas and beyond. What do you expect at the end? Comprehensive SEO strategies will surpass the competition and drive quality traffic to your website.

Our Top SEO Management Services in Las Vegas:

Based in Las Vegas – Clients and Results: Worldwide

Keyword Research

Our professionals will find the best-targeted keywords to catch the best ranking opportunities and yield the highest conversions for your business.  

Link Building

Get instant access to our high-quality backlinks. Additionally, we acquire link placements on more authoritative websites through managed SEO operations.

Technical SEO

We ensure your website’s top-notch technical performance, including page speed, site structure, metadata, and more.

Add-on or Standalone SEO service

SEO Management Process Steps

Our Managed SEO services are a full end-to-end solution to help you grow your business & digital presence.

SEO Trends


Research is at the core of effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, as it provides valuable insights and data-driven decisions. Identifying the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for your business or industry is crucial. 

Our team of SEO professionals will conduct keyword research to determine which terms potential customers are using in search engines. We will help you in optimizing website content and  targeting the right audience according to your business niche.

SEO Campaign Strategy

Search Miners offers campaigns that suit the objectives of your company. We combine quick wins with quarterly targets, allowing you to observe a quantifiable return on investment throughout the process. We use a mix of short-term wins and long-term goals so you can see a real return on investment. Short-term wins come with low-key keywords that can make a big difference in your SERP in 30 days. Next, long-term goals will greatly affect your business, but it will take more than a month’s work to get you on the first page.

Quarterly targets are words that will significantly affect your business but will take more than a month of work to get you on page one. We will create an SEO strategy your team can implement immediately or review and approve. We will create an SEO strategy your team can implement immediately or review and approve. Moreover, it covers onsite content improvement, quality white-hat link building, local SEO, and other services.

Campaign Execution

Our top-tier content management team of over 50+ digital marketing professionals, bloggers, and journalists will handle all your content needs. We will provide you with a series of topics to consider, and your team will approve the ones you like. We will take the lead in content development and title tag optimization.

Enjoy real-time insight into every stage of your campaign through our customer dashboard.  It can track every link earned for your site as it goes live. Plus, you’ll get real-time info on every part of your campaign through our customer dashboard, so you can see every link we bring for your site as it goes live.

Our dedicated account manager will discuss campaign progress and upcoming changes during the monthly review. We try our best to  redistribute resources constantly to dynamically enhance the impact of each monthly campaign through keyword and conversion tracking.

Start Growing Today

Below are just a few of our popular standalone options to get started on our growth. Contact us for custom campaign options.

SEO Management Services Include

SEO Audits

Get your website’s SEO audit done with a team of professionals who examine technical SEO, content quality, backlinks, content ideas, and more. Additionally, we focus on finding the gaps and pinpointing issues hindering your website’s ranking in search engine results. 

The first step in our managed SEO services is a thorough website assessment to identify your website’s advantages, disadvantages, and overall internet exposure. Our team of professionals uses this audit to pinpoint areas that need work and develop a strategy for enhancing the SEO performance of your website. After the audit, we design a unique, targeted SEO plan that accelerates growth by boosting your online presence.

Moreover, there are better ways to get to the top of search results than a one-size-fits-all SEO plan. Despite SEO guidelines, Google has distinct ranking variables for different sectors and keyword searches. Our SEO team is composed of Google algorithm and technology professionals. 

We present years of experience analyzing Google ranking criteria for your SEO approach. In addition, we ensure that facts support every optimization decision and produce measurable results.

Next, if you need help determining what’s preventing your website from ranking at the top of the SERPs, a site audit is critical in deciding which off-site or on-page adjustments will result in a successful SEO plan. 

Our basic link-building and content-generation plans do not include a sitewide assessment, making our SEO management services even more beneficial to our present and prospective clients.

Competitor Analysis

To push your site to the top of the SERPs, extensive research on your direct and indirect competition is performed by professionals. Further, we give detailed competition research following a site audit to evaluate the internet presence, site authority, and visibility of competing websites and brands targeting comparable keywords and markets.

Depending on the size of your immediate rivals’ backlink profiles, we will propose a combination of off-site and onsite adjustments. Google evaluates your content quality and improves your brand’s authority. Moreover, outranking your rivals may take time. So, we pick low-competition keywords to drive organic traffic to your site. At the same time, we continue to grow your site authority through link-building and content planning.

Our team of experts has successfully outranked hundreds of brands against their competitors with our successful combined SEO management services and proprietary software.

On-Page SEO

On-page website SEO often entails updating or developing new material to demonstrate to Google the relevance and quality of your web pages compared to your rivals. Once our SEO managers have identified your website’s best keyword prospects, we begin the site optimization. 

Our SEO specialists collaborate directly with our editors to optimize the content with SEO-friendly title tags, meta descriptions, URL routes, and web copy. Moreover, the SEO team utilizes special tools to guarantee that your homepage, landing pages, and posts are designed to achieve the best rankings in search engines.

Finally, we execute local SEO improvements for small firms that serve local markets to help your content rank in local searches. On-page search engine optimization comprises every detail, visible and invisible, on your website, and our SEO professionals scrutinize it all. Additionally, SEO-managed services will aid you in enjoying the most comprehensive digital marketing campaigns to make your content compete harder for your company.

Content Creation

With each new article published on your website, new opportunities exist to increase your website’s visibility among prospective customers. We suggest our clients implement a comprehensive content plan to boost their keyword ranking. Moreover, establish their local authority in their industry. Complete SEO techniques help surpass the competition and drive quality traffic to the website.

If you post content regularly, it’s a sign to Google that you’re giving valuable info to people who find you through search. It’s one of the best ways to get your name out there online for ranking purposes, social media promotion, and link building. Besides, our content team can produce a wide range of content, from blog posts and long-form articles to infographics and ebooks.

Consider a combination of your content deliverables depending on what you’d like to achieve with your managed SEO campaign. Contact us today and discuss how content creation can be part of your managed SEO campaign with our sales team to achieve the desired results.

Technical Optimizations

Technical SEO is integral to our overall SEO strategy to improve your web page’s performance and user experience. Page speed, page load times, responsive design, and more all impact how well your web pages rank in search engine results. Furthermore, our SEO professionals will perform extensive technical optimization to guarantee that performance issues do not impede rankability or user experience.

If you want to ensure your web pages are relevant to search engines, our technical SEO services can help better. As search engine crawlers rely on meta tags to comprehend the significance of content, our SEO team ensures that your metadata accurately conveys to Google the purpose of your web pages.

Moreover, we can help you with all your SEO needs, from home page to service page and product page optimization. Our managed campaigns include technical optimization across home, service, and product pages. Contact us today to learn more about the specialized SEO options available within our managed service plans.

White-Hat Link Building

We offer a range of managed SEO campaigns tailored to meet potential clients’ needs. With our award-winning links-building services, you can get access to managed SEO campaigns and the highest DA links. Equally important, our whitepaper SEO process combines content creation with manual outreach. It ensures high-quality website links on well-known, industry-oriented websites. Furthermore, with a managed SEO campaign, you gain access to our top DA links, which means more powerful links that drive your growth and site authority.

Must get backlinks to help appear higher in search results with authorization. Our SEO experts can help you determine the right anchor text to give your links extra credibility. Most website proprietors prioritize internal linking. However, our strategic SEO services enable us to extract more value from the links on a website’s URL.

Check out our link-building packages to see how our link-building stacks up against the SEO benefits of our campaigns. Combining our link-building services with other digital marketing strategies accelerates growth, increases visibility, and generates consistent site traffic.

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

To get insights about a successful SEO plan, it is necessary to perform campaign analysis. Here our SEO managers come in handy who  prepare monthly reports to enable you to assess  SEO performance. It also aids in evaluating whether our recommended strategy is effective enough. Moreover, we offer transparent service and reasons behind our specific approach to your SEO packages.

As award-winning SEO service providers, we are proud of our expert SEO management services and the innovative and innovative ways. We’ve helped enterprise organizations grow across industries. With our managed SEO services, our SEO agency has more freedom to figure out the best way to use our SEO services. Lastly, View deliverables on your account dashboard. With our software, you can keep track of your SEO performance and results throughout your managed campaign.

We don’t “lock up” potential clients because we’re confident that our SEO team can create the right strategy. It will definitely drive results and align with your business’s priorities.

Additional Managed SEO Services:  

SEO Report


Reputation Management

Our services are not limited to SEO and marketing; we also monitor our client’s improvement until their business goals are achieved. In today’s digital age, we aim to control and enhance business perception with reputation management.

Our online monitoring services track the mentions of individuals across the platforms and business websites. In addition, our vigilant team helps with negative content removal in the form of comments and reviews and prevents any damage to the business’s reputation. We aim to manage the content, social media campaigns, and crisis management by developing robust strategies to mitigate the damage. 

Search Miners feel proud to work with other SEO and digital marketing agencies to serve their clients. With our white-label SEO offerings, that can help expand the SEO products. If you are an SEO agency looking for white-label SEO-managed service providers, reach out! We will happily craft a managed SEO package to achieve your business goals with CTA leads.

SEO consulting is great for those who already have a team but need some guidance along the way to improve their website’s SEO health. Our strategists provide expert advice and guidelines on improving website content, SEO strategy, and ranking. In addition, the experts can map out better SEO strategies, conduct audits, and execute best practices. Lastly, staying updated with industry trends and search engine algorithms is necessary. 

A critical component of any business website is the content strategy. It involves future planning, content creation, and content management. Further, our professional team helps clients with audience research, keyword research, content calendars, content creation, and performance tracking to attain business goals. 

Search Miner’s top local SEO services cover On-Page SEO, local link building, online Search Miner’s top local SEO services cover On-Page SEO, local link building, online reviews, mobile optimization, and GMB (Google My Business Optimization). reviews, mobile optimization, and GMB (Google My Business Optimization). 

BigCommerce websites can require a different approach – we deliver better outreach with product page optimization, site mapping, and site speed: mobile optimization, content creation, and schema markup. Then, boost your business store with organic traffic and increasing leads.

Managed SEO FAQ

Yes. Contact our team of professionals to request a link graph process overview deck. Additionally, you can look at the Search Miners case study and any of our other blog posts. Gain more insight into our SEO offerings and past performance.

Reputation management plays a vital role in managing the brand’s image using online monitoring, control and improvement of online content. It allows the agencies to get a firm grasp of how potential customers view their brand.

As a comprehensive digital marketing and link-building agency, we are well-versed in paid media, content marketing, and SEO services. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive digital marketing services from local SEO to competitor analysis, blogs to white-label SEO software. Our services are for everyone from  small businesses to larger organizations, and private-label SEO firms.