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Content Strategy Overview 

Search Miners provides businesses with a comprehensive array of content marketing solutions, all of which begin with strategy. Our content marketing specialists collaborate with you to comprehend the objectives of your business, your target audience, and precisely how you differ from competitors in your industry. To create a unique content strategy plan, we bring together that insight with your definition of success, the appropriate measurements, and your knowledge.

In order to give businesses and organizations direction on how to effectively generate and optimize their content efforts to fulfill business goals, customer demands, and brand alignment, SEARCH MINERS provides a full range of content strategy consulting and content creation services in Las Vegas.

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Continued Growth

Search Miners’ written content strategy aims to stay in sync with your organization to produce content that advances your objectives.

Like with anything SEO-related, consistency is key; this is why we always recommend ongoing content creation. Consider opting for a monthly content subscription or BOOK A CONSULTATION to learn how Search Miners can incorporate content creation into a full Custom SEO Growth Strategy.

Our Content Creation Services Provide:


Our articles frequently appear on the top page of Google for your search phrases, increasing website traffic. Your search position will improve as a result of search engines. 


With our effective content strategy and creation service, your businesses will work to be set apart from others in the industry. The topics and value of content we will help you in creating will let a consumer choose your brand over your competitors


Employ our content strategy and creation services  on your website to increase sales. By fostering a sense of authenticity and confidence among your visitors, using our content will increase conversion rates by up to 48%.


By publishing contents on popular news websites, you can attract potential buyers to your website. Each publication serves as a landing page to acquaint readers with your name and service before they visit your website. SEARCH MINERS will assist you in creating contents that will attract potential buyers to your business


Ready to launch your new campaign?

Our Content Strategy & Creation Process

We start by sending you a client New Client Content Creation Form to ensure we are aligned with your business. This assists in our research on the goals, tone, and target market of your organization.

With ongoing content strategy, User personas, user stories, and journey maps are then found and made. Our content strategists carry out a thorough assessment of the content and architecture of your website to look for information gaps. Our keyword research offers information on current user searches as well as suggestions for fresh subject matter. To create a comprehensive content development plan, follow each stage of the process.

Monthly Content Plans:

Content Gap Analysis

A content gap study offers insightful information about the content of your competitors. In order to determine the themes and search terms that your competition currently ranks higher than you in, as well as the keywords they aren’t targeting, SEARCH MINERS uses the data from a content gap study. You can target these search terms with your fresh content by determining what they are.

Keyword Research

In an effort to determine which keywords to compete for, keyword research identifies prominent search terms and phrases. To help you better understand the demand for particular phrases and get a sense of how to compete with rivals for those terms to rank higher in organic search, our team conducts in-depth keyword research.

Content Creation Plan

Your content has a purpose when it is created according to a plan. Our content strategists assist you in determining your target audiences as well as the various content types and distribution methods that will enable you to reach them with your content. Your content will be released through the appropriate channel to reach your target audiences if you have a successful content generation strategy.


Connect with your audience by creating trustworthy and interesting content. Effective copywriting helps build brand recognition, keeps audiences interested, and boosts the SEO of your website. Every client receives strategic content from our team, which also has expertise writing for websites, blogs, social media, eBooks, white papers, client testimonials, case studies, and other formats.


Search engine optimization is essential for increasing website traffic. Through the use of meta descriptions, keyword analysis, alternative image text, URL structuring, and tactical inbound and outbound linking, our team improves the SEO of your website. In order to facilitate simple control of your site’s SEO while allowing for customization, our professionals add an additional structure to the backend of your Drupal site.

Audience Growth

Effective Content Stimulates your audience, engages them, preserves them & generates leads

We cater to the requirements of your intended audience and support you in formulating crucial choices about the structuring and rethinking of current content. Additionally, we collaborate with you to develop original content that raises readership engagement and organic search results.

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