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The Power of Untapped Keywords for SEO Success

Billions of people use the search engine daily to conduct research, and keywords are pivotal in serving as a guiding compass. Moreover, they are one of SEO’s keystones that help calculate the reach and visibility of online material. Nevertheless, some untapped keywords can be a hidden gem for your company’s success. 

Understanding and utilizing untapped keywords can be the game-changer you’ve been looking for, whether you’re an aspiring blogger, an experienced content writer, or a business owner hoping to expand your online reach. 

Moreover, this blog will demonstrate how you can look for untapped keywords that worked wonders for us. So, without delay, let’s jump into the SEO world.  

What Are Untapped Keywords? 

The keywords your competitors use for ranking but you do not are known as “untapped keywords.” These key phrases could greatly benefit your website and Content’s SEO.

To increase the quality of the visitors to your website, untapped keywords can also help you be more precise and focused with your SEO efforts.

Let’s start by understanding how you can find some untapped keywords. If you’re new at this, here are all the steps we used as SEO experts to get the ideal results on our content creation. 

5 Best Ways To Find Untapped Keywords 

1- Thorough Competitor Analysis: 

Building on the efforts of your rivals is fine. In reality, you should constantly monitor your rivals to judge their effectiveness and learn from what they’re doing well in terms of SEO.

They may conduct keyword research differently than you, so they may be ranking for some phrases you have yet to think about. 

The fact that competitor study is always an excellent place to start is one of the most beneficial SEO recommendations that will continue to be applicable in the years to come.

Start by reading up on general subjects and scanning search results for those keywords in the titles. Use a sophisticated keyword research tool and limit the results to articles written within the last two to three months.

After eliminating the keywords with a low keyword difficulty (KD) score you are not currently ranking for, you may examine these pages to find possible keywords for your Content. These underutilized keywords could drive higher-quality traffic to your website.

Also, never underestimate your competitor’s plans; they’re on the top for a reason, and you must figure out how. 

2- Understand User Intent 

Brainstorming may be one of the quickest ways to develop potential keywords, but it’s only possible if you understand user intent. Your customers are your top priority.

What they need, what they want, their purpose, and their problem; a keyword researcher must understand all the possible loopholes to give the people what they need. 

For example, if you’re a bakery owner, your first choice would be to focus on keywords like: “Best birthday cakes,” “Anniversary cakes,” “online cake delivery, and vice versa. 

But if you take a moment to consider the types of searches that actual individuals would make online, you might consider things like:

“What cakes would my girlfriend like for her birthday?” or “Should I get online cake delivery for my anniversary?” etc 

Now, that’s what we call untapped keywords, problem-solving, and user-relevant all in one. 

If you still need help, consider how potential buyers unfamiliar with your niche might discuss it with their peers.

  • How exactly would they put it?
  • What would be their language?
  • Will they naturally use everyday language or business-speak?

It all comes down to understanding your clients’ perspectives and potential search strategies.

3- Start Using Keyword Modifiers 

The difference between long-tail keywords and keywords with modifiers should be simple. A modifier is a word that rephrases the keyword to offer it more value and meaning, but it doesn’t turn it into a long-tail search term.

Make “weight loss supplement,” for instance, into “best weight loss supplements 2023.” The modifiers “best” and “2023” enable users to narrow their search results. Another typical example of a modifier is “near me.”

Remember that this technique is another option to locate untapped keywords; you may employ long-tail keywords and modifiers to add additional nuance and organization to your keyword portfolio. 

You can rephrase your base keywords to produce search terms that are more pertinent to the consumer by using long-tail keywords and targeted modifiers.

4- User-Generated Content + Communities 

Two of our favorite areas to look for untapped keywords are Sites and communities with user-generated Content (UGC)

Why? When no one has produced any valuable content on the subject, this is where people look when they are still looking for answers to their inquiries elsewhere.

You may get many keyword suggestions by browsing these websites for only a few hours, and you’ll also have a better sense of the queries and subjects your target audience is most interested in.

Moreover, according to AHREFS, several general communities, including Reddit and Quora, and industry-specific forums exist.

5- Social Networks For The Win

The online realm never ceases to amaze us as we dive deeper and deeper into it. Social media is now a hub for businesses, communities, and potential keyword search mines that we can’t help but gush over their benefits. 

People rarely edit posts on social media platforms. As a result, their writing on these websites frequently reflects how they speak in real life.

It’s also one of the locations where most people look for answers or help.

The two main sites where we look for keywords are as follows:

  • LinkedIn profiles 
  • Facebook groups

Facebook groups frequently have many excellent keyword suggestions because the material is typically user inquiries (unless the group is very spammy).

Since people typically include a comprehensive description of their experience, hobbies, and talents in connection with the industry on their LinkedIn profiles, if you work in the B2B market, you can also locate keywords there.


There’s more to SEO than what the surface appears to be as we close our exploration of untapped keywords. The digital scene is comprehensive, dynamic, and full of untapped options to help you stand out.

Using untapped keywords requires understanding your audience, their requirements, and the language they use to search the internet, not merely following the newest trends or deceiving algorithms.

Furthermore, we suggest contacting Search Miners to elevate your keyword research, SEO strategies, and website health to match the ever-changing digital algorithms. The experts have vast experience in turning your hard work into success with the proper techniques. 


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