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16 Power Points Checklist For Optimizing Google My Business

In today’s digitalization network, the need to have a vigorous online presence is crucial for any new business. However, some companies rely on standard SEO tactics such as optimizing content website pages and enhancing social profiles. Another hidden hack is applying the Google My Business Optimization checklist. 

Hence, today’s focus will be learning how Google My Business works and how you can optimize it to work in your company’s best interest. The article will cover the basics and some benefits of implementing adequate strategies. 

Introduction to Google My Business & Why Do You Need It? 

In layperson’s terms, this is a Google business profile. Moreover, this effective listing gives potential customers an evolving snapshot of your company that showcases your most remarkable qualities and makes it easy for them to search, learn more about, and interact with you—all via the SERP. 

Nevertheless, a BrightLocal study revealed that the Average Business Profile only received an average of 1,260 views (0.00000075%! ), considering the 167 billion searches conducted monthly on Google. Furthermore, only 59 of those 1,260 views resulted in actions. Less than 5%, in total.

Hence, to ensure your business stays afloat and receives the maximum attention from the audience, we have compiled a Google My Business optimization checklist template. Moreover, let’s focus on what’s important. 

How To Set Google My Business For Optimization? 

If your goal is to rank higher on local listings, improving your Google Business Profile is crucial. It aids in attracting new clients online. Here are 13 ways to use your Company Profile to promote your local business around the clock and generate leads.

1- Create An Account 

Firstly, a Google Business Profile and a Google My Business account differ. The latter provides access to the former and optimizes it. Therefore, to execute the optimization outlined in this guide, you require a Google My Business account and tell Google to connect it to your Google Business Profile.

So, Create an account by going to and logging in with your Gmail account for business use (rather than your personal Gmail, if you have one).

2- Fill Out Each Section

The more actions individuals are likely to do after finding your profile, the more complete your Google Business Profile should be. It helps Google rank you better in local search results. These are the factors you need to complete: 

  • Name
  • Office Address
  • Mobile 
  • Website
  • Timings 

Pay extra attention to these sections: 

  • Category and Attributes 
  • Products and services
  • From the company 
  • FAQs

3- Contact Information Should Be Updated 

Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Check that your business’s name matches the name on store signs.
  • Ensure everything you post online, including your firm name and address, is accurate. It is necessary to constantly use “st” in place of “street” and “co” in the area of “company”. Google’s algorithm considers these discrepancies when judging your credibility.
  • Enter your standard business hours and holidays. It encourages customer traffic to your organization and assists you in preventing the risk that a visitor may find your facility disappointing.

4- Write A Compelling Business Description

First, remember that you need control over the succinct summary displayed in your company profile directly beneath your name. So, Google developed this editorial summary to maintain consistency across the platform. Make sure to remember the following: 

  • Utilize 750 characters, putting the most essential details in the first 250.
  • Make use of the content on your mission statement. 
  • Use search terms that align with your target market to identify companies like yours.
  • Refrain from repeating any details 
  • Links and HTML should not be used.

5- Choose A Category: 

Customers need to know the nature of your business. Therefore, picking out a category that best describes your profile, products, or services is essential, primarily if you work in retail. Because with local listings, people are often searching for businesses that can offer on-the-spot solutions. 

6- Select The Right Attributes

Google offers attributes when you cross over to the category section. These can include Dine-In, Takeaway, On-site, etc. However, it helps a ton of customers. 

7- Add Photos: 

Add photos to your account on the Google My Business dashboard for your Business Profile:

  • Visual Impact: Customers love it when you offer genuine real-time images of your business to offer a more realistic look to your business. 
  • Be Active in uploading images. 
  • Increase Engagement. 

8- Google Reviews 

Testimonials play a vital role in determining if your services are good. There’s an 80% chance a company with 4+ ratings and 50+ reviews will get more business compared to a listing with 0 stars and no judgments. 

9- Post Regularly 

It’s essential to keep your audience up-to-date with announcements, holidays, and special offers for a seamless working situation. 

10- Add FAQs 

Queries deserve answers, and a good business knows its importance. So, Engage in conversations about your services so consumers can understand your company and its workings. 

11 – Include Products 

What better way to display your products than posting on your local listings? It engages a large audience and can cater to a broader range of consumers through organic keyword research. 

12 – Set Up A Conversation with Messages 

This capability lets searchers text your mobile device directly from your Google Business Page. Additionally, people nowadays use their cell phones for local searches. So, this is a terrific opportunity for customers to contact you.

13 – Maintaining Your Profile 

You can see that setting up a Google Business Profile is a continuous marketing endeavor. It requires ongoing attention to maximize its potential as a local marketing tool and increase your online presence. 

14 – Remove Duplicate Listings 

Verify that there are no duplicate listings. Your staff or agency likely set up numerous Google+ pages for your company. So, Delete them and note your official Google My Company URL; you might need it later.

15 – Link With A Correct URL 

This should be evident if you only have one website, one street address, and one Google My Business location. However, if you have multiple retail locations, you should create a unique page for each and link it to the appropriate landing page. So, Businesses with more than ten retail outlets can upload and validate all addresses using Google’s bulk verification function.

16 – Virtual Tour 

You can get an advantage over rivals by commissioning a Google-recommended photographer to photograph your establishment’s indoor panorama. So, Recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and other establishments that rely on ambiance and décor to draw clients 


Like any other SEO Strategy, utilizing the Google My Business Optimization checklist can significantly impact your company’s growth and conversions. Therefore, reach out to Search Miners and SEO agencies that take pride in implementing the latest techniques to ensure your business is on the good end of the stick. 

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