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The attorney did not only receive an increase in SEO metrics such as keyword rankings and traffic, but a huge increase in leads and CASES.

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Our client was the head attorney of a well-known legal practice that had been in business for more than 20 years.

The law office’s website has been around for the same amount of time, but prior to beginning work with Search Miners, it didn’t see any growth.

Our client had worked with a number of different organizations as well as individuals who proclaim themselves “SEO Experts,” but he never saw the results that he was hoping for.

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We discovered several issues during our research.

The Attorney’s extensive background in personal injury law along with his personal experience helping dozens of clients receive fair compensation for bodily injury makes them a great asset in his field. Equipped with a strong record and reputation, They are motivated and ready to succeed. Unfortunately, the Law Firm needed something more.

The Firm needed a marketing team that knew how to leverage SEO to help him grow his law practice and create a more sustainable, profitable, and scalable business. He tried learning these tools on his own, beginning with Facebook advertising. Despite his efforts, was not able to generate much buzz around his business. He spent time, effort, and money, but with next to nothing to show for. Our client became frustrated and began doubting his business model.

But instead of abandoning powerful marketing tactics like SEO, the Attorney sought help from marketing agencies and providers. He had a strong vision and needed someone with a track record of success in taking a local law practice from an online unknown to the front page of Google. That’s when Search Miners was found!

Our Solution:

Search Miner’s keen insights and understanding of what people in need of legal assistance are truly looking for made us the right choice for this collaboration. Our team knows how to convert prospects from discovery to interest, interested to buyer, and buyer to advocate.

  • Personal Injury rankings are among the most challenging keywords to rank for, since attorneys often devote more money to ranking phrases with a high average return on investment.
  • With this in mind, we had to do a gap analysis to find where we might strengthen his local SEO.
  • We then devised and put into action an aggressive strategy with the goal of increasing rankings, site visits, and the number of leads converted into customers. This involved ensuring that the informational content was accurate, complete, and consistent as well as developing and distributing content that was friendly to search engine optimization.

High-Authority Backlinks and Keyword Ranking

Link development and location-specific keyword rankings were the primary focuses of Search Miners’ comprehensive strategy. Our SEO team obtained more than 300 backlinks in the category of personal injury law. In addition to concentrating on the acquisition of high-quality backlinks with DA 90+, Search Miners acquired connections with geographically relevant texts.

These high-quality connections boosted the overall keyword ranks and performance of the legal firm in location-specific searches. These backlinks helped increase the authority of their website and achieved page 1 results for over 1,100 high-value keywords in their local market.

Search Miner’s team developed blog articles to increase the site’s thematic authority and depth. Our professionals optimized landing page text for high-value keyword searches.

We also made sure to include geographic language, physical locations, and big city names to on-page content improvements so search engine crawlers would identify the site’s relevance to personal injury attorney queries.

We made a point to include additional keywords in the campaign for the purpose of providing context and making certain that our material reads in a way that is informative as well as natural.

Content Strategy

Any good content strategy involves creating and optimizing content that is both relevant and engaging to the target audience.

We added new content on the site not just in terms of blogs but evergreen content including new practice areas and sub-practice areas to expand on keywords we were able to rank for. This allowed far greater reach to increase our page 1 rankings to over 1, 100 keywords!

For lawyers, it is important to stay up-to-date on changes in the law, technologies, and industry-specific trends. For this reason, we created resource articles and guides linking to state laws for additional on-page resources for our users.

We closely monitored rankings and any pages that dipped in traffic overview immediately had the content refreshed. This allowed for continued growth in keyword rankings, climbing to the top.


Search Miner worked hard to get links, which led to high-quality backlinks from articles within the personal injury sectors. A few short months later, the site’s domain authority had risen to an all-time high, boosting its exposure in search results. {The Attorney}’s web traffic surpassed large local rivals in location-based inquiries as a result of the comprehensive local optimizations performed by Search Miner, culminating in an increase in organic traffic from search by over 400%!

Increase in Organic Traffic

Overall, our methods resulted in a greater number of visits, as well as an increase in engagement, as individuals stayed on the website for longer periods of time and investigated the many kinds of information that it provided.

The higher number of pageviews over this same period of time also guaranteed that visitors engaged with more material across a wider variety of sites.

Perhaps most exciting of all, since the beginning of our collaboration, Search Miners has managed to increase the rankings for the critical keywords of “car accident lawyer” and “personal injury attorney”, all the way up to the #1 spot in Google!

As we’ve worked with during our time together, each achievement has strengthened the trust between us. He is aware that he can rely on Search Miner’s SEO skills to be inventive, aggressive, and rigorous in our efforts to discover answers to any new challenges that are thrown our way. We eagerly look forward to the next development in our collaboration!