What is a Google business profile, and how do I create one?

A Google business profile is a free listing that appears when customers search for your company or products or services that are related to your company on Google. Customers can find your business using Maps and Search, and they can contact you directly from your listing by calling, texting, or emailing. Customers will be able to find and contact your company more easily if you create a Google business profile. You can also use it to manage how your business appears across Google products and connect with customers on Google Maps, Search, and other platforms. In general, a Google Business Profile can be a very useful tool for companies of all sizes. Simply create a free Google My Business listing to get started.

What is a Google Business Profile and how do I make one?

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Now that you’re aware of the marketing potential of Google Business Profile, how do you go about creating a new profile? There are nine steps to creating a Google Business Profile, which are outlined below. If you’re a visual learner, I’ve put together this helpful video to assist you.

Follow the steps below to complete your business profile if you prefer to read the instructions.

Step 1: To get started, go to Google.com/business.

Make a note of this address because you’ll need it in the future to access your Google Business Profile listing.

Step 2: Sign in with your Google account.

Visit Google.com/accounts if you don’t already have one. Any email address would suffice to create a free account.

Step 3: Enter the name of your business.

Make sure your name is spelled correctly and that you utilise title case (where you capitalise the first letter of each word). You only get one chance to make a good first impression on a customer, so make it count.

Step 4: Fill in your company’s address.

This is the screen where you’ll enter your business address so that Google can confirm that it exists. This can’t be a post office box or a mailbox in a postal annex or UPS Store location. You are also limited to having only one business per dwelling.

Step 5: Determine whether you want to run a store or provide services.

You can choose a mile radius around your business, a specific city or state, or a group of zip codes, depending on whether you want customers to visit your storefront, if you work from home, or if you prefer your customers don’t visit your office. You can also choose a mile radius around your business, a specific city or state, or a group of zip codes.

Step 6: Select your primary business category.

It’s critical to choose your primary category because it determines where and when you’ll appear in Google searches. Because Google prioritises relevance, if a potential customer searches for “Italian Restaurant” but your business is a pizza parlor, you may not appear. If a customer searches for “best pizza near me,” your business profile will be much more likely to appear in the search results.

Step 7: Include your phone number and a link to your website.

Google Business Profile tracks phone calls as well as website clicks, so keep your information up to date.

Step 8: Make sure your local listing is accurate (most likely with a postcard).

You must validate your business listing, according to Google, in order to manage your information in Search, Maps, and other Google properties. The verification process ensures that Google has accurate information about your business and that only you, the owner or manager, have access to it.

Step 9: Fill out your Google Business Profile listing’s information.

In the next chapter of our Google My Business series, I’ll go through how to optimise your Google Business Profile.

Putting everything together

Consider a new customer who walks into your shop and says they found you on Google. They tracked you down. Stop daydreaming because Google Business Profile makes everything possible. Take advantage of this Google-provided free tool to begin attracting, engaging, and converting new customers right away.

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